Scattered abroad

I talked to Grandma Belz on the phone on Tuesday. It was her 88th birthday, and she sounded as chipper as ever. Talking to her is like reaching back to Earth after living on Mars for a while, just to remember what it was like. It gives new meaning to the cliche “down to earth.”

She shares her birthday with my mom, but I didn’t talk to my mom because she is in Budapest with my dad. Grandma and I conversed about the various relatives who are currently abroad and who are going abroad. Anna and soon-to-be-relative Lauri have been in Brussels for months. Emily Belz has been in France this semester. Max is going to Korea this summer to teach English. Cousins Sam and Drew are going to Kenya for three weeks with the Mac Scholars at Covenant. Cousin Julie is going to Ireland in July. Uncle Al and Aunt Julie just got back from two years in England. Laura and I are going to London this summer.

I don’t know why I’m saying all this, except perhaps to illustrate how mobile our generation is. We fly to Asia at the drop of a hat, almost. Meanwhile, Grandma has stayed loyal to Iowa for all these years, and I don’t think she feels like she’s missed a thing. (For one thing, a lot of countries come to her at Cono). Would that I could be that content at age 88, or even now.

While I sit here suffering from the travel bug, Boston continues to be sunny and warm. Evan, Bria, Laura and I went to the beach at midnight on Saturday, but we lasted about three minutes because of the wind. I would like to go again during the more appealing daylight hours. On Sunday, four of us from church are participating in the Mothers’ Walk for Peace to celebrate Mothers Day. We get to walk through 3.6 miles of Dorchester streets and support the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute. Word.

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