Mission Hill

After a misinformed trip to see Status Quo turned into a trip to get ice cream atJP Licks, I can now add Mission Hill to my list of Boston neighborhoods to which I’ve sojourned. I’ve driven through before, but never stopped to say hello. Centered at the corner of Tremont St and Huntington Ave, it’s got a nice combination of brownstone apartments, small businesses, chain stores, pubs with names like The Squealing Pig, and the beautifully imposing Brigham & Women’s Hospital. I’d like to go back sometime and go to Flann O’ Brien’s pub, if anyone wants to come along.

In other news, we cleaned up Ronan Park yesterday, followed by a barbecue with the neighbors. We ate burgers and hot dogs with dirt all over our faces and prickly burrs stuck to our shirts. Then a few of us dashed off to UMass Boston to drop off some of our old electronic devices at an e-recycling event they were having. The operations were squeaky-clean: all we had to do was drive through a line of volunteers who took our stuff out of the back and sorted it into different piles on the parking lot. Then it was off to our inaugural church ensemble practice. The ensemble consists of 2 sopranos, 2 altos, and 2 baritones. I love being in a grassroots choir! (I wonder if this term has ever been used before?)

Oh, and last night I played Guitar Hero for the first time. I can see why Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya got hurt playing this game. It is painfully addictive.

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