bangers ‘n mash

On Monday, Laura and I are off to the land of the royal family, lashings of cream, and the Piccadilly line. I’ve spent three months there before, but that was in the dead of winter, when we trudged across the sheep pasture on cold nights, and then had to re-route ourselves after foot and mouth disease invaded the island. This time it will be summer, and we have these events to look forward to: Tony Blair’s standing down, Harry Potter #7, the Queen’s birthday, and Wimbledon. Not to mention the many gardens in full bloom. Oh, and seeing Anna and Lauri again. And Keri.

So even though I’m missing many momentous events in our church, possible trips to see family, and the nonstop party that is Boston in the summer, I have plenty to which to look forward. I’ll be taking classes, but will make time for Othello at the Globe Theatre, a trip to the National Gallery, a tour of Parliament, and church at All Souls. And much more, if I can help it.

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