April showers bring May flowers

April snow brings…I don’t know. Hey, that works.

Yes, it snowed today. Yes, I am tired of hearing about my relatives in warm, sunny places like Chattanooga, Slovakia, France, and DC. Yes, I chose to live in Boston. Yes, I was warned about Aprils here. Moving on.

Baseball season is here. Every opening day I’m reminded of when Uncle Jim pointed out the verse in “Our God Our Help in Ages Past” that says: “They fly forgotten as a dream dies at the op’ning day.” Hopefully this is not prophetic for the Cards this season. I don’t want any dreams dyin’.

I have to write a commencement speech in the style of how the President of the US would write a commencement speech. Not sure how to start it, but I know how I’ll end it: “God bless you all, and God bless America.” (BTW, this speech is not Bush-specific. Perhaps I should try to imitate Reagan? Or better yet, JFK?)

Lastly, read this debate between Rick Warren and Sam Harris about the existence of God. The most interesting line from Harris is this one: “How is it fair [for God] to have created a system where belief is the crucial piece, rather than being a good person?” An interesting question indeed, and during this Holy Week I am glad that I don’t have to find favor with God through my own goodness.


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