Apparently the age of wisdom is 18

Or so they tell my at the oral surgeon’s office at Caritas Carney Hospital. At 18, the wisdom teeth start to grow in. And I, at 25, am getting them removed rather late in the game. But at least I’m not 30, because the teeth get much harder to extract after that age. I’ve never had surgery before, but people tell me it’s not so bad…just gotta keep taking the painkillers afterwards. Also, I will be stocking up on movies and books, since I’m planning on being laid up for a while.

I hardly ever blog anymore because there’s nothing much to report, at least nothing of interest. If you’d like to know, I am currently writing a speech about human trafficking, putting together a newsletter for BU’s international relations department, writing a 15-page paper about the First Amendment as it relates to the Falwell v. Flynt case, and working on a PR campaign for a local homeless shelter.

Oh, and on Tuesday night Laura and I will be going to hear Stephen Protherospeak at BU’s Barnes & Noble about his latest book on religious literacy in America. He has gotten a lot of media coverage for this book, which goes to show how prominent in people’s minds this topic is.

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