A Saturday without tourism

I’ve decided that I can’t understand British humor. At work I keep my mouth shut except for work-related things, unless someone asks a polite question about America. But I don’t even attempt to joke around, because nobody gets it, and I don’t get their jokes either. I suppose it’s all a part of living in a tolerant society – you tolerate others’ sense of humor along with their religion, race, etc. I can’t pinpoint what exactly is different about British humor (or humour), but it just is. I am differentiating this everyday joking around at work from internationally renowned British comedy such as Monty Python and The Office. That stuff I get, for the most part.

Even as I type, Laura is curled up in the stairwell reading Deathly Hallows. I’m waiting for her to finish so I can read it. Last night we went to check out the happenings at the Natural History Museum, where J.K. Rowling was giving her moonlight reading. There wasn’t much to see except for a crowd of eager fans and the well-guarded entrance to the museum, glowing mysteriously red.

(Okay, not really, there was just a red curtain behind the doors).

Other tidbits:

– I just want to say that I’m glad that Daily Show/Colbert are back on after a two-week hiatus. Now I can catch up on my American news!

– The rest of the fam is heading to Maine for vacation today, and they’ll be there for a week. Here’s a shout out to them, even though they won’t be reading this because they’ll have no Internet (ah, that sounds wonderful). Wish I could be there with ya.

– If anyone out there visits London and gets a chance to go up on the roof of Parliament, do. It’s well worth it.

– Singing favorite songs from musicals and Disney movies on the streets of London after eating sushi is about the most fun a person can have.

– Summer, you better still be there when I get back to Boston. I need to get my tannin’ on, cause it ain’t happening here.

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